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Cyber Risk: How to stay smarter

Headlisb css <meta data-sly-include="cqstyling.html" data-sly-unwrap></meta> Client Context js Headlisb css <meta data-sly-include="cqstyling.html" data-sly-unwrap></meta> Client Context js In 2014, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received over 250,000 complaints of cybercrime. In total, the individuals making these complaints reported over 800 million dollars in losses!

There are many forms of cyber risk, including clicking on an unknown link. Most people think of cybercrime as someone stealing y our credit card number, yet today, anyone can accidentally download malware to his or her computer with just a click. With over 300,000 community associations in the U.S and attacks on the rise, it is important to be prepared with the right coverage.

At CISA, we have a CyberRisk program to help reduce fear of enormous financial and reputational consequences. Please contact us for a quote!

Here are some helpful tips to improve your cyber security.StartFragment

  1. Set up strong, unique passwords for all of your devices and accounts.

  2. Password protect your Wi-Fi.

  3. Read emails and information online with a healthy dose of caution: if a deal or offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  4. Install an anti-virus/anti-malware security suite from a reputable company.

  5. Make sure to regularly update your software and operating systems.

  6. Limit how much personal information you share online.

  7. Use a file scrubber to remove your files before you sell or recycle your old devices. EndFragment

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