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Community Association Specialists

About Us

The Community Association Insurance Experts.

Innovation is typically not a term associated with insurance, but when it comes to CISA, the term applies quite well. Our visionary founder, Robert McLallen, was the first to pilot an insurance program uniquely tailored to the growing market of community association living in the early 1970’s.

CISA began as a community insurer and continues to champion Community Association living in Illinois by offering customized insurance programs of uncompromising value.


CISA believes that value must be defined in terms of exceeding the expectations of our clients. While those expectations would normally include a product of superior quality at a reasonable price; true value also includes commitment, advocacy, stability, and excellence in every area. True value becomes evident through working together over an extended period of time.  We want to have lasting relationships with our clients

If expertise, superior products, high standards and excellence are part of your insurance philosophy, please contact us, We would be honored to hear from you. 

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