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How to reduce the likelihood of a winter weather loss

A shift in the polar vortex is predicted to deliver an arctic blast bringing below average temperatures and an increase chance of snow for Illinois and much of the country starting this week. These conditions can increase the risk of water damage from frozen pipes that burst - one of the leading and costly losses for Associations.

Frozen pipes are not the only concern during extreme weather conditions. Here are some tips to help reduce the risk of winter weather loss.

Prior to Winter Season:

  • Enact a plan to inspect all vacant units.

  • Change furnance filters.

  • Identify the location of the main shut off water valve and water heater. In the event of an emergency, shut off water and contact a professional. Do NOT attempt this on your own.

  • Design a plan to check on community memebers who may need additional assistance.

During the Winter Season:

  • Set heat no lower than 65 degrees.

  • Keep space heaters away from curtains & other flammable materials. Never leave unattended.

  • Kerosene heaters should not be used within a unit.

  • Allow a faucet to drip slightly to reduce the risk of freezing, especially those pipes located on exterior walls and shut off water to any vacant units.

  • Make sure all windows are closed and LOCKED.

  • Allow for air circulation. Leave interior doors and cabinets open to allow heat to reach all areas in the unit.

  • Maintain walkways and parking areas in advance as ice melting agents won't work in the extreme cold.


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