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It might not feel like it, but spring is around the corner!

February is here, and although there might be snow on the ground and the temperatures are still keeping most residents indoors, it is only a matter of weeks before we start seeing those first signs of spring. The budding of new growth, the chirping of a robin, and a bit of sunshine.

Now is a good time to start thinking about a Spring-to-do list for when the snow melts and we're able to enjoy the warmer weather. These are just a few suggestions for Condominium, Townhomes, and Homeowner Associations.

Parking Lot Resealing

If you had cracks in your parking lot before winter began, they're likely bigger. Water seeps into those cracks and then freezes, enlarging the damage in the process. A fresh layer of blacktop will solve the problem.

Annual Roof Inspection

The harsh winter wreaks havoc, possibly damaging or cracking rubber roofs. There could also be standing water, missing shingles, and other possible repairs the association is unaware.

Leaf Removal

If you have trees on your property, then you likely have some yard cleanup after the long winter like fallen branches and leaves. Remember to look under outdoor equipment, under bushes, and in the corners of fences.

Power Washing

Spring is a good time for cleaning. If you have tennis courts or pools on your property, you might notice an accumulation of dirt, salt, and leave decay traces. A power washing company can help you clear away the grim and invite people to start using their amenities again.

Obtain a Reserve Study

A reserve study is a good starting point on how to maintain the building and appropriately budget for the future.

Audit by CPA

To fulfill your fiduciary duties as a board member, it might be a good idea to schedule an audit of the association's financial practices. This will also help to ensure the association satisfies any FHA requirements. Most require for association loans.

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