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Condominium Insurance Specialists of America:

Community Association Specialists

Find out how we can help you!


The Sales Team is focused on providing high-quality service, comprehensive and competitive insurance programs for you.  We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.


Value and competitive pricing is what every customer expects today.  We realize in today's economy, pricing is always a concern, but all policies and coverage are not the same.  Unfortunately, all too often this lesson is often realized after a loss, which is why CISA takes an proactive approach to providing the best “value” to our clients. Our formula for value is combining comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing.  Let CISA demonstrate the value of our programs and the difference in our coverage.

Compare the coverage available through the CISA Program:

  • Guaranteed Replacement on Building Coverage

  • Guaranteed Replacement on Ordinance and Law Coverage

  • Guaranteed Replacement on ALL four Water Coverages:

    • Back-up of Sewers and Drains

    • Wind Driven Rain

    • Surface Water

    • Leakage & Seepage

  • Earthquake Coverage

  • Flood Coverage

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • General Liability - $1,000,000 with a $3,000,000 Aggregate

  • Fidelity/Crime coverage that includes Electronic Theft and Coverage for the Property Manager

  • Directors & Officers Liability that exceeds the requirements of the Illinois Condominium Act and includes the Property Management, Contractual Liability, Non-Monetary Damages and No Insurance Exclusion

  • Umbrella Liability, all limits extend over the Directors & Officers Liability

  • Workers Compensation limits of $1,000,000


Other CISA programs are also available that provide different levels of coverage for diverse types of Associations.


To request a quote,  you can click here and we will contact you.

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