Who is the Certificate Holder?

If there is a mortgage lender, the certificate holder is the lender. If it is a cash transaction, the purchaser is the certificate holder or can simply be made out to "CASH".

What is a mortgage clause?

A mortgage clause is the name of the lender, the address, loan number, and often any additional legal language such as ATIMA and/or ISAOA. This information should be shown in the certificate holder.

Do I need a loan number to prepare the certificate?

No. It isn't necessary, but is recommended for identifcation if there is a lender.

What information do I need if this is a cash transaction?

The name of Association. The complete address, including unit number if applicable, and purchaser name.

Can an Association be located by address?

No, the system may only find it by the Association name.

What if I am unable to find my association?

Enter only the first several characters of the first word of the Association name.

Certificates of Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

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