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  • Who is the Certificate Holder?
    If there is a mortgage lender, the certificate holder is the lender. If it is a cash transaction, the purchaser is the certificate holder or can simply be made out to "CASH".
  • What is a mortgage clause?
    A mortgage clause is the name of the lender, the address, loan number, and often any additional legal language such as ATIMA and/or ISAOA. This information should be shown in the certificate holder.
  • Do I need a loan number to prepare the certificate?
    No. It isn't necessary, but is recommended for identifcation if there is a lender.
  • What information do I need if this is a cash transaction?
    The name of Association. The complete address, including unit number if applicable, and purchaser name.
  • Can an Association be located by address?
    No, the system may only find it by the Association name.
  • What if I am unable to find my association?
    Enter only the first several characters of the first word of the Association name.

Certificates of Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

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